Is fusion energy still 30 years away?  We got tired of waiting for ITER, NIF and other government and international projects to resolve our energy, environmental and standard of life issues. Together with us, many other fusion researchers, decided to take matters in their own hands, by going private.  Thanks to so many other advances since the 60's, including computing, world wide web, simulations, infra red photography, and along with fascinating Nobel Prize discoveries in plasma physics and astronomy, supported by the latest Hubble and Webb telescopes, we've published new theories in major peer reviewed articles.  Our insights into similarities between stars and quazars formations in the universe, have been fueling rapid advances at our lab - where we are simulating conditions needed to power a micro-star, by fusing hydrogen atoms.  Before you click around to see what's been happening in our small garage - R&D lab, please note, our commercial fusion energy which you can use to "fill up" your Tesla and make your coffee with, will be aneutronic.  Aneutronic, means without neutrons.  That means that we can have a clean and safe nuclear fusion energy without nuclear waste.  Because fusion energy is millions of times more powerful than oil and gas, humanity could in a near future completely eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels, thus not only preserving the environment, but also reversing the pollution everywhere while at the same time raising the standard of living for all.

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